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Package Type Hajj
Price $8,995 per person (2 people per room)
$8,595 per person (3 people per room)
$8,195 per person (4 people per room)
Dates Depart: 07/28/2019
Return: 08/17/2019
ItineraryClick here
Total Days 20

Makkah Hotel: Swissotel Makkah 5 stars / Buffet Meal incl

Madinah Hotel: Dallah Taibah Hotel 4 stars / Buffet Meal incl

Ticket Includes Ticket Includes Round Trip airfare
Starting City Makkah First Program

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  • Led by Sheikh Maqsood Sher
  • Led by Sheikh Mahmoud Omar
  • ⦁ A variety of helpful Hajj tutorial sessions prior to your trip, such as webinars, in-person seminars, live video sessions, conference calls, and the Hilal Hajj forum
  • ⦁ A dedicated agent throughout the booking process, as well as a dedicated group leader for your Hajj trip
  • ⦁ Dedicated, qualified Imams to provide spiritual guidance throughout your trip
  • ⦁ Worry-free Hilal Hajj luggage management and transportation
  • ⦁ Efficient Hilal Hajj team and staff members to assist you at all times
  • ⦁ Educational Hajj materials prior to your trip
  • ⦁ Ihram for male pilgrims in Medinah
  • ⦁ Prayer rug for female pilgrims
  • ⦁ Zamzam water to bring back home
  • ⦁ Hilal Hajj drawstring shoe bag & other miscellaneous items.
  • Exclusions: ⦁ Hajj Fee - ($300-$600) Subject to change based on announcement by Ministry of Hajj
  • Exclusions:⦁ If you performed Hajj in the last 3 years (2015, 2016, 2017), the Ministry of Hajj will charge a Hajj Visa fee - $535
  • Exclusions: ⦁ Sacrifice - $190, Courier Fee $95
  • Exclusions: ⦁ Domestic flights to international gateways other than Chicago, Houston, New York, D.C., Dallas, Toronto
  • Exclusions: ⦁ $400 Canadian Transaction Fee (Canada Residents Only)
  • Itinerary is subject to change by management/scholars at any time.
  • For more details please visit the agency's website.


  • Air condition bus
  • Buffet breakfast during hotel stay in Madinah
  • Buffet breakfast during hotel stay in Makkah
  • Food in Mina
  • Food in Arafat
  • Regular American tents
  • Regular air conditioned in Mina
  • Camp in front of the Jamarat Mena

About this Agency

Company: Hilal Hajj & Umrah
Address: 2055 Bloomingdale Road Glendale Heights, USA
City: IL.
State: IL.
Zip: 60139
Contact: Phone: 630 893-4254