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Wednesday Jul 31:

Depart JFK at 9:00 pm for Medina VIA Amman on Royal Jordanian Airlines

Thursday Aug 01:

Arrive Medina, clear customs, immigration & Hajj related formalities. Depart for Medina Hotel, check-in at Sofaraa Al-Eman Hotel.

Friday Aug 02:

Perform Juma Salaah in Haram, prayers & supplications. Some time for shopping.

Saturday Aug 03:

Ziyaarah (tours) Free time for Salaah, and Zikr in Haram Shareef

Sun / Mon 4 & 5 Aug:

Ebadah in Haram, Salaah and Quran. Some shopping.

Tuesday Aug 06:

Depart for Makkah in IHRAM. Stop at Meekat for Niyatul Ihram for UMRAH

Wed Aug 07:

Arrive at 3 star Rehab AlKhaima. Perform Umrah, Tawaf & Sa’ee and change in regular clothing.

Thursday Aug 08:

Perform Tawaf of Ka’aba, Salaah, prayers and supplication. Some time for shopping

Friday Aug 09:

Depart for Mina in IHRAM any time after 01:00 hrs (after midnite) depending on buses.

Friday Aug 09:

Arriving in Mina 08 Zil Hijjah and overnight in Mina in comfortable Sofa Bed with meals. This is 8th of Zil Hijjah (Yaum Tarwiya). In Mina the Zuhr, Asr & Esha prayers are performed with Qasr. (shortened prayers, not combined) This is a strong authentic Sunnah. Maghrib & Fajr remain the same.

Sat Aug 10:

This is 9th of Zil Hijjah, Day of Arafah. Day of Hajj. Depart for Arafah after Fajr. The Zuhr & Asr prayers are shortened and combined in Zuhr time. After sunset, depart for Muzdalifah & overnight, combine Maghrib & Esha prayers in Esha time. Collect 49 pebbles for stoning. You may collect extra just in case you lose some. You will be stoning the jamaraat for 3 days insha Allah

Sun Aug 11:

This is 10th Zil Hijjah, day of EID. After Fajr, depart for Mina & perform four rituals: 1. Stoning of Big Jamarah only. 2. Zabihah (sacrifice) 3. Shaving of hair. (Clipping is permissible; shaving is better) 4. Tawaf al Ifadah & Saee in Makkah & return to Mina and overnight.

Mon & Tue: 11th & 12th Zil Hijjah:

Stay in Mina and stone the Jamaraat (all three of them) Return to Makkah before sunset on Thursday 12th Zil Hijjah (Aug 13)

Wed / Thr Aug 14/15:

Salaah in Haram and some time for shopping

Thr Aug 15:

Free time for prayers. Tawaaf Al-Wida’a at night after Esha prayers / early morning 3 am

Friday 16 Aug:

Depart for Jeddah airport 00:01 hrs (after Thr midnite) and arrive JFK 4:30 pm same day


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